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Working with Tricia Cronk of Ethan Cole Designs has been a wonderful experience. Tricia has tackled each of our projects with enthusiasm that is contagious and a generous dose of her engaging sense of humor.

Tricia was able to effectively harmonize my ideas and concerns with her design intuition and know-how. She was respectful of my thoughts and input, listening carefully before offering suggestions. Trisha capably and effectively guided me through projects to create spaces that truly reflect our family and our vision of "home." She excels at creating functional spaces that are also warm and inviting. She exhibited strong knowledge of products, fabrics and available services and her creative vision is unparalleled and way ahead of trends.

Additionally, from a business perspective, Tricia consistently provided clear communication and dependable follow-thru. Her attention to detail and reliability exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Tricia to a potential client without hesitation.

Deb Seyfert Minneapolis, MN